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We were wow-ed and how!

It is quite important for me to know a little bit about the host and the place before I check in. It helps me connect better to the place. I learned that the host is a creative and a famous photographer & for me that translated to 'Be prepared to be wow-ed by this artist'.

Brilliantly conceptualised, Arwa Farms is a delight for anyone who wants to leave behind the city life and unwind or as we would put it - "to detox". As lovely and fancy the facade, it does not take away from the feeling of living 'a day in a village'. The water layout is such that not a drop is wasted - it goes into the small plantation for the lovely homegrown veggie. Plastic is not encouraged here so we used terracotta vessels to eat and drink from.

Every nook and corner of Arwa Farms has a personal touch - which makes it unique yet homely. Lookout for artist’s family photographs, a couple of antique cameras (of course)! And vintage locks. And then the bird feeders made from coconut shells -- all these are woven so well into the interiors of the house that if you could put a structure to 'home is where the heart is' this would be it.

Aditi Gaitonde

CSR Professional, RPG

Arwa farms, is the perfect get away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai.

Located in Dahanu, a 2-hour train ride from suburbs of Mumbai and 20 minutes away from Dahanu station. On reaching the farm, we were welcomed by the fresh aroma of wet soil and red facade of a bungalow. I was spell bound by the interiors and the creative use of “fodder, coconut shells, bamboo sticks, etc”. Right from the plates, to the lamps, to the hooks, to the decoratives on the wall, everything just left us mesmerized.

The food served was farm fresh, home-grown, organic and above all a delight to the taste buds. The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate a group of 15.

It was a much-needed getaway from the boring, monotonous and chaotic city life, didn’t feel like leaving the place! Not just a farm retreat, this place also offers a good party spunk, by its unique barbecue setting!!

Anchika Tewatia

Associate, XMPUS Financial Services, LLP

A rustic place close to mother nature.

You encounter art in every corner of the farmhouse, a mini museum in itself. The creator being an artist himself keeps adding to it is beauty with new creations. A perfect escape from the craziness of the city. A place to rewind, relax and remain still and listen to nature in its full flow.

Everything is recycled including water from the kitchen and bath. And so is the food between the cows, dogs, cats and chicken on the farm. Almost a zero waste hub.

To add to the earthy experience we ate out of plates made of clay n drank out of clay glasses.

Alistair Lee: Deputy Manager, Bank of Tokyo & Mitsubishi

Karen Eva Sequeira: Cabin Crew Incharge, Jet Airways

Arwa Farms in Dahanu is a retreat to let yourself free from all the stress. Its rejuvination at its best.

Fawzan has put his heart and soul to nuture this Organic landscape. One needs to be there to experience every aspect of it, be it the home, the interiors, the cutlery, the furnishing, all done so thoughtfully and to sync with nature. Its like stepping back in time.

Sadhana Chaughule


Nothing prepares you for the nature-haven that Fawzan Husain has built for himself at Dahanu.

Once there we were more than pleasantly surprised. That Fawzan effortlessly straddles the worlds of an organic farmer and an established successful photographer.

As you drive through the gate you are witness to the lovingly tendered lush farm and a beautifully designed home sensitive to comfort with an inherent Aesthetic.

What charmed us was his total commitment to the organic, from Farm to food on the table, the furniture, the Ayurveda soaps to toothpaste it was all organic and thoughtfully laid out. Arwa Farms is a getaway to live in the calming peaceful lap of nature.

Niyatee Shinde

Writer on Art & Photography

This cute and rustic villa is just what you need when you want to escape from the over populated, over polluted and over stressed Mumbai life.

Arwa Farms is a beautiful place to spend your weekend with basic yet clean rooms and a make shift small pool. What really left an impression is that this place is based on the concept of sustainability- reuse and recycle and minimal use of plastics. Even the plates, glasses, water bottles and other cutlery is made of clay. The passion of the owners, Fawzan and Arwa is seen in the small detailing and collection of handicrafts and photographs in the interiors of the houses. Old music playing in the background, a carom table and a swing at the entrance just builds in the atmosphere for a relaxing, lazy and quiet weekend.

Yvette Lee

Social Worker

An overnight trip to Arwa Farms gave me a first hand glimpse into a farmer’s life.

Driving through the interiors of Dahanu, the awe in onlooker’s eyes tell you that you’ve reached the hinterland of rural India.

The place, Arwa Farms is rustic and the food is organic. Talking about food we start our stay with lunch which is organic red rice meal with home grown dal and vegetables. Even the dishes that you eat in are made of clay which completes the holistic feel. I just couldn’t get enough of the drinking water which was stored in mud bottles and served in the glass made of the same mud.

Before leaving we went for a trip across the farm to see different fruit trees. We were offered some hand plucked chickoo on our way back, I packed a few so I could share a little bit of this farm fresh taste with everyone at home. Will surely visit in the summer season for some farm fresh mangoes.


PR Professional

I am going to talk about the Mango Festival at Arwa Farms.

The Mango festival was super fun and the uncle who owns the farm was equally funny. At the festival I must have eaten the sweetest mango ever because as uncle informed me that they were ripened on the tree. The size of the mangoes were very big, I could not hold two together in my hands. Plus, he allowed me to break the mangoes from the tree. That was a super great experience. I could break all the mangoes that I could buy. We took home a dozen. At lunch we had dishes made out of Mangoes. I loved the aamras puri. Later, he filled the sit out area with water and I played in the pool till late in the evening. At night time he made me sleep under the sky in a tent. It was exciting as I could see the stars and moon from my bed. Funny uncle, I am coming next year.

Veer Kohli

Grade 2 - Jamnabai Narsee School

My Rice Plantation Experience With Arwa Farms.

Our host Fawzan Husain was so welcoming. I asked him so many questions and he answered them all in great detail. When I entered the house, I was awed by how much thought and creativity was put in to make alive little corners.

In the morning we began our rice plantation session. All of us got down in fresh muddy water in the field and were instructed on how to go about planting the rice leaves. We had people who were working, studying, parents and even little children as part of this experience.

The food at Arwa farms is yummm! its absolutely fresh, healthy, pure and organic. What I really loved were the mud crockery they have for each and every utensil from bottles to glasses, to wooden spoons everything was natural!

Every window in the house has a view of greenery and it is so calming to simply sit and stay present to the sound of the leaves, birds and smell of fresh clean air. Before leaving I was served a soothing and delicious herbal tea with fresh Stevia leaves. I left Arwa Farms with an even bigger smile etched in my heart and mind.


School Counselor