The Journey

A photographer who found love in farming

Having been born in the city of Bombay, points of attraction, then, were largely cinema halls, street food and football grounds. After I started working, I discovered my first love... photography. Through my lens, I have clicked everything between Bombay and Mumbai. I spent some 30 years of my professional life in capturing the different stories that the city whispered to me.

One such story left me angry and frustrated. I learnt that the food that we were eating was full of pesticides and fertilisers. That day, I took a pause. I decided to change things around and not be at the mercy of chemical ridden food. I shared my woes with my wife, Arwa, and my friend, Mohammed. Both of them agreed to help and I began searching for alternatives. It took me two years to find this place in Dahanu. It was finally in 2010 that I started building this organic nest, Arwa Farms (the word Arwa stands for pure).

Away from the daily chaos of the city, my tranquil green paradise pays tribute to mother nature. Everything is pure and natural - unpolluted air, lush green fields and a clear azure sky. At Arwa Farms, you will gain insights on how organic food is grown and harvested, before it reaches your dinning table.

So take a break, rejuvenate in solitary or bring along your loved ones for a completely refreshing experience. Let your children step out of their virtual world and explore the real and earthy charms of organic farming. It’s the most valuable gift you can give them. They may arrive a little hesitant, but will definitely leave as believers.

- Fawzan Husain