Q: Which is the best way to get into ARWA FARMS?

The most convenient way to reach Arwa Farms is via train. There are several options available, local, Mail and Express trains. Once you reach Dahanu station you can take a rickshaw -cost is Rs 200. Alternately, you could also drive down to Arwa Farms.

• Driving during Monsoon is out of the World Experience
• One rickshaw can accommodate 6 people
• You can hire a rickshaw to move around Dahanu, in case you decide to take the train option

Q: What are meal facilities - Lunch and Dinner?

Although you get away from the city life at Arwa Farms, you don’t necessarily have to stay away from city food. There are multiple restaurants options for both, vegetarian and non-vegetarian. However, if you would like to indulge in an organic meal it will cost you Rs 400 per person per meal. Lastly, if you are a group our domestic help can prepare the meal for you. You will, of course, need to bring your own food. You can tip our local cook if the food taste good.

Q: Will I have an internet connection?

We would be happy to connect you with nature. The idea is that you should be doing everything that you miss doing in a city. And there are quite a few things that we can suggest. Moreover, we also don’t have a TV but there is a music system. You are free to bring your own choice of music and connect with blue tooth. If you are desperate for internet then we can help you locate spots at the farm from where you can operate your mobile.

Q: What is the check-in and check-out time?

There is no check-in and check-out time. You can come at any time and are free to stay as long as you want to on your day of stay. However, if we have full bookings then we would request you to check-out by noon.

Q: Do I carry mosquito repellents creams. And what about other insects and reptiles?

We would discourage you from applying any mosquito cream that would stop your skin from breathing. Arwa Farm is very well maintained and mosquito are not an issue. But during monsoon the problem does get aggravated and that’s nature. And we have to keep one thing in mind, that we are going out to stay in their place and most of the time they are very accommodating.

Q: What is the capacity of the place?

We have beds for 14 people and extra provision can be made on charpai. We can easily take up to 20/22 people. On several occasions, we have hosted overnight stays for birthday parties and pre-wedding functions.

Q: I have a family member who is on a wheel chair. Can we get her along?

Yes, most certainly. We have made adequate arrangements for old and “differently-abled” people who would need mechanically-assisted-transportation.

Q: What all do we need to carry for an overnight stay?

At ARWA FARMS, we are organic in every possible way. We recycle our water, we use farm ash to wash the utensils and our soaps & toothpaste are free of chemicals. Our humble request, therefore, is to please refrain from using any chemical products here. All you need to carry is your toothbrush.

Q: How many cars can be parked?

Parking is not an issue. We can easily accommodate up to 14/15 cars in the farm.

Q: Can I work in the farm?

Yes, you are most welcome to join our team on the field. This is cardio/gym/treadmill at its best. The average waistline of our team working in the field is 28 inches. So you are most welcome to get into that shape.

Q: Do you sell organic veggies and fruits to be taken back home?

No, we are not into selling anything. It’s for our personal consumption. However, you can taste the seasonal veggies and fruits while you are there.

Q: Which is the best season to visit?

It all depends on you. If you want to soak in the green and are not very fussy about getting your hands and feet dirty in the soil then monsoon is for you. Many guests get involved in plantation and kids have a gala time.

Winter has a different charm. Early morning mist and singing birds have their own magic. Guest enjoy lazy mornings and piping hot tea and end up taking sun bath. And night time is for soft music and bonfire.

And the summer breeze is better than the scorching heat of the city. Plus, the fun of sleeping under the open sky has its own attraction.

Q: Is the farm Pet friendly?

Yes, we have our own dogs, cats, cows and chickens. And Im sure they would be more than happy to welcome friends from the city.

Q: Do you provide air-conditioning?

There is no air-conditioning facility at Arwa Farms. Our home is built on eco friendly concept. Guest enjoy naps beneath the mango trees. And despite the scorching heat outside you will feel comfortable under the shade. And yes we do have fans in case you feel the need for it.